“The Light WithIn” Film Synopsis
“The Light WithIn: An Irish Quaker Story” is a supernatural period drama set in Ireland’s Quaker community in the 1780s. The story follows the Cantor family, particularly the two sisters, Lydia and Margret, as they grapple with illness and supernatural events within their Quaker community.
Historical Setting
The script is set in 18th-century Ireland, Pre famine Ireland in Queens county  providing a unique backdrop for the story. It portrays the Quaker community’s customs and beliefs of the time.
Supernatural Elements
The story introduces supernatural elements, such as the warning from an old man and woman about faeries and mysterious occurrences. This adds an eerie and mysterious atmosphere to the narrative.

Incorporating Irish folklore and supernatural elements, “The Light WithIn” weaves a tale of intrigue and mystery, drawing viewers into a world where the lines between the natural and the supernatural are blurred. It’s a story that promises both historical richness and an engaging exploration of human emotions and beliefs.
Set in France during WW1, 2 allied soldiers are caught behind enemy lines and must survive to warn their comrades of an ambush.
Director Biography - Joseph Butler
Passionate, enthusiastic filmmaker based in Kildare. In recent years, I've worked mainly as an editor, vfx and camera. 'The Land' is my first short film where I wrote, edited and directed. 'The Land' is supported by the Kildare County Council arts grant.
Director Statement
I have a passion for genre films and when the producers of ‘The Land’ got in touch about the play, I was immediately drawn to the screen version potential. The grant from Kildare County Council helped me get the project from script to screen. Along with the grant, we were very lucky with the resourcefulness of the team in elevating the production value beyond expectations. Now, we look forward to sharing our film on the festival circuit.
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