I'm absolutely delighted to have a short two-page comic with the latest The Comics Lab Anthology "SPECIMEN". There are some amazing artists and writers included. Thanks a mill for Stephen Ward for his honest, and thankfully positive review of my story on getting "THE SNIP". I had a playful attempt at some unscripted structure and very loose drawing style. It was also inspired by the Repeal the 8th campaign. Thanks also to Irish Comic News for supporting Irish Comics.

David Butler writes and illustrates (and over-shares!) in “Vasectomy Operation”. I honestly expected to spend my time reading with my legs crossed. It’s a credit to Butlers dialogue that I actually spent the time laughing at how the story unfolded. Make no mistake, it’s still a story about getting the snip. But thankfully with Butlers jovial dialogue, it’s a lot less painful than you would have expected.

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